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Inheriting the prestigious values ​​from the golf course, Long Bien Palace Wedding and Convention Center also impresses with its diverse event services, being the top choice for important events such as conferences, business negotiations, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, or year-end parties for esteemed businesses.

When you come to Long Bien Palace, you can completely trust in the most abundant quality of event services (Decoration services, Equipment, Indoor/Outdoor Conference Halls, Professional MC Team, Bands, performances…).

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Diverse type of events

Long Bien Palace takes pride in having organized thousands of large-scale events, catering to diverse types of events as well as guest scales.

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Large and flexible capacity

The conference hall at Long Bien Palace can accommodate up to 2000 guests, and depending on your needs, the hall can be rearranged to suit various types of events.

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Full-service package

Choose Long Bien Palace for your event, you can rest assured with our diverse and comprehensive event services, including conference halls, decorations, catering, audiovisuals, performances, and more.

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Professional team

Long Bien Palace possesses a professional event organization team that wholeheartedly supports customers in every aspect before, during, and after the event, ensuring all elements for a successful and seamless event.

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Event services

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  • Thoughtful customer consultation and support before, during, and after the event
  • Professional and dedicated event organization services
  • Diverse menu prepared by talented chefs
  • Spacious venue with modern facilities to accommodate various types of events
  • Well-trained and attentive staff members

Why choose Long Bien Palace
as the accompanying unit?

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Long Bien Palace is committed to bringing customer satisfaction through the best quality of service, with luxurious, modern spaces and professional equipment.

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Long Bien Palace always completes all tasks quickly, ensuring that they are on schedule according to the plan set with customers in organizing events.

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Customers will be advised and supported by the professional and enthusiastic staff of Long Bien Palace. Meeting customer needs to bring absolute satisfaction to customers.

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With many years of experience in event organization, Long Bien Palace commits to helping customers save time, effort, and costs in organizing events to bring maximum efficiency.

Share your ideas with Long Bien Palace

We will execute your ideas and deliver a complete and satisfactory event.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Long Bien Palace’s event organizing services include the following:

  • Providing event and conference spaces with various rooms of different sizes to meet every customer’s needs.
  • Designing decorations and floral arrangements, lighting, sound, musical instruments, and high-end technical equipment to create a perfect event space.
  • Consulting and designing diverse menus to meet every customer’s needs.
  • Professional, dedicated, and experienced staff to ensure that the event runs smoothly and successfully.
  • Assistance with airport and hotel transportation for customers.
  • Providing car rental services, bus rental services, equipment rental services, and other services to meet every customer’s needs.
  • Handling legal procedures and event-related requirements.
  • Customizing the event according to the customer’s requirements, from decorations, sound, lighting to menus, and other requirements.
  • Additional support services such as photography, filming, live broadcasting, and other entertainment activities.
  • Support for organizing outdoor and riverside events with spacious, airy spaces and beautiful landscapes.

Yes, Long Bien Palace provides transportation services for customers from the airport and hotels with the aim of bringing convenience and comfort to customers. The staff of Long Bien Palace will greet customers at the airport or hotel and take them to their event venue at Long Bien Palace.

This transportation service will help customers avoid worrying about transportation, as well as reduce time and effort for customers in the event organizing process. Customers just need to inform Long Bien Palace about their transportation needs and location, and the staff of Long Bien Palace will prepare and arrange everything in advance to ensure convenience and safety for customers.

Yes, Long Bien Palace provides services for outdoor events. Long Bien Palace wedding and conference center has an outdoor party area with a golf course view, spacious, cool, and beautiful scenery. This outdoor party area is an ideal location for events such as outdoor barbecues, cocktail parties, or product launches.

Not only does Long Bien Palace have outdoor spaces, but it also provides other support services for outdoor events, including sound, lighting, decoration, and other equipment to ensure the customer’s event runs smoothly and successfully. These services will be customized to meet the specific needs of customers.

Yes, Long Bien Palace has a discount and benefit policy for customers who book parties long-term. This policy is usually applied to customers who book parties for holidays or major events such as weddings, openings, or meetings with partners and loyal customers of the company.

In addition, customers can negotiate prices when booking long-term parties with Long Bien Palace. We always want to bring satisfaction and the best benefits to our customers, so we are ready to negotiate to meet the needs and requirements of customers.

With this discount and benefit policy, customers will save costs for organizing large events and also enjoy many high-quality benefits and services at Long Bien Palace.