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With a capacity of over 2000 guests, Long Bien Palace caters to a diverse range of conference needs, as well as a variety of options for conference hall layouts. It is always the top choice for private celebrations of many couples and important events and conferences of prestigious businesses.

With its diverse layout options and optimized capacity, Long Bien Palace is also an ideal venue for press conferences, entertainment events, seminars, and more.

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Theater-style layout

Theater-style layout is one of the common arrangements in event organization, with the audience seating facing the stage. Unlike other layouts, Theater-style does not have accompanying tables and focuses on the audience’s experience in enjoying the event.

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U-shaped layout

The U-shaped layout is suitable for press conferences, business meetings, board meetings, etc. This layout is arranged in the shape of the letter U, leaving empty space in the middle, with seats placed around the outside of the U, ensuring interaction among participants in the meeting.

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Conference-style layout

A conference-style meeting room is an efficient arrangement to create a communicative and interactive environment during a meeting. The conference table is arranged in a rectangular or square shape, with chairs positioned around it, facilitating the exchange of opinions and discussions.

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Table reception layout

Layout is an intelligent arrangement to create a welcoming and comfortable space for guests. Reception tables are arranged in horizontal or vertical rows, creating harmony and promoting communication and interaction among guests, allowing them to enjoy the event space in a comfortable and cozy manner.

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  • Thoughtful customer consultation and support before, during, and after the event
  • Professional and dedicated event organization services
  • Diverse menu prepared by talented chefs
  • Spacious venue with modern facilities to accommodate various types of events
  • Well-trained and attentive staff members

Why choose Long Bien Palace
as the accompanying unit?

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Long Bien Palace is committed to bringing customer satisfaction through the best quality of service, with luxurious, modern spaces and professional equipment.

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Long Bien Palace always completes all tasks quickly, ensuring that they are on schedule according to the plan set with customers in organizing events.

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Customers will be advised and supported by the professional and enthusiastic staff of Long Bien Palace. Meeting customer needs to bring absolute satisfaction to customers.

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With many years of experience in event organization, Long Bien Palace commits to helping customers save time, effort, and costs in organizing events to bring maximum efficiency.

Share your ideas with Long Bien Palace

We will execute your ideas and deliver a complete and satisfactory event.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Long Bien Palace Wedding Center will have a policy that allows customers to sample the food before booking the event. This helps customers to check the quality of the food, experience the taste, and choose the dishes that suit their preferences and needs.

If you want to try the food before booking the event, you should contact Long Bien Palace Wedding Center directly for more details about this policy.

Long Bien Palace Wedding Center also organizes outdoor events as per the customer’s request.

Outdoor events are usually held on the premises of the Center with spacious and airy surroundings that create a close connection with nature, along with sound equipment, lighting, and decorations designed to suit the outdoor space.

However, the organization of outdoor events also depends on the weather conditions and other factors, so if you are interested in organizing an outdoor event, you should contact Long Bien Palace directly for detailed advice and support.

In line with the professional service spirit, Long Bien Palace Wedding Center has a professional, dedicated, and experienced staff team to support customers in organizing perfect wedding events.

At Long Bien Palace, we can also assist clients in finding a team of professional musicians, singers, or MCs to perform at the event. With reliable partners, rich experience, and high-quality performances, customers can rest assured in choosing our entertainment services to create a unique and impressive wedding party. Please contact Long Bien Palace directly for detailed support and advice.

Long Bien Palace wedding center has three large banquet halls, each with different seating capacities. The largest banquet hall can accommodate up to 1000 guests. The center also has smaller banquet halls to accommodate smaller events.

Long Biên Palace also provides decoration services for the banquet hall. The center’s professional decoration team will consult and design the decoration according to the customer’s ideas to create a beautiful and luxurious space for the party. Customers can also request additional equipment and sound and lighting equipment to create a perfect space for their wedding reception.