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Long Bien Palace Wedding and Convention Center is one of the leading venues for weddings, conferences, and important events in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The equipment here is invested in and fully equipped with modern facilities to meet the requirements of customers.

With modern equipment, excellent service quality, and a professional staff, Long Bien Palace showcases the class of icustomers with a luxurious Golf view and 4-star infrastructure.

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Large LED screen

Star screens and LED screens, 4D LED screens… bring a premium experience.

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Sound and lighting system

Equipped with Pro Martin Audio sound and lighting systems imported from the UK.

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Standard stage

Diverse specifications and sizes, suitable for all decoration needs.

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Equipment maintenance

Modern, intelligent, and sophisticated equipment systems.

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Equipments & facilities

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  • Thoughtful customer consultation and support before, during, and after the event
  • Professional and dedicated event organization services
  • Diverse menu prepared by talented chefs
  • Spacious venue with modern facilities to accommodate various types of events
  • Well-trained and attentive staff members

Why choose Long Bien Palace
as the accompanying unit?

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Long Bien Palace is committed to bringing customer satisfaction through the best quality of service, with luxurious, modern spaces and professional equipment.

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Long Bien Palace always completes all tasks quickly, ensuring that they are on schedule according to the plan set with customers in organizing events.

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Customers will be advised and supported by the professional and enthusiastic staff of Long Bien Palace. Meeting customer needs to bring absolute satisfaction to customers.

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With many years of experience in event organization, Long Bien Palace commits to helping customers save time, effort, and costs in organizing events to bring maximum efficiency.

Share your ideas with Long Bien Palace

We will execute your ideas and deliver a complete and satisfactory event.

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Frequently asked questions

Long Bien Palace wedding center is equipped with a modern and professional sound system, ensuring the best sound quality for your event Long Bien Palace’s sound system includes devices such as a mixer, amplifier, speakers, and audio signal processing equipment. These equipment are carefully selected and meticulously adjusted to ensure the best sound quality.

Furthermore, Long Bien Palace also has professional sound experts and management team who are always ready to support and adjust the sound system throughout the event. The technical team of the center is extensively trained and experienced in installing and operating sound systems. With the professionalism and experience of our technical team, you can rest assured that the sound at your event will be of the highest quality and provide a wonderful musical experience for the attending guests

Long Bien Palace wedding center is equipped with a large LED screen system, with a total of up to 12 screens placed in the banquet halls Large LED screens are placed at the center of each banquet hall, allowing guests to easily observe and enjoy the programs taking place during the event.

At events, LED screens are often used to display videos, images, branding content, and other relevant event information. Especially, the LED screens with the ability to display various high-quality content and images can enhance the liveliness and attract the attention of guests

Certainly, Long Bien Palace has a professional and dedicated team to support customers from ideation, design, implementation, to adjustment during the event. This team includes experienced staff who are knowledgeable about the event planning industry and have a deep understanding of sound and lighting equipment, video playback equipment, and presentation devices…

When customers book services at Long Bien Palace, the team will advise and support customers with the goal of ensuring that the event is organized to the best effect and the customer is most satisfied. This includes proposing ideas and designs to create a beautiful event space that meets the customer’s requirements, planning and supervising the decoration process, managing sound, lighting, and video playback throughout the event. The team also has experience in adjusting the above factors on equipment and resolving issues quickly and effectively during the event.

With the dedicated and professional support of the staff team, customers can rest assured and focus on enjoying their event without worrying about organization and implementation.

To ensure the smooth running of events, Long Bien Palace always prepares backup equipment and has a team of professional technicians ready to replace any equipment in a timely manner if it encounters any problems. If the equipment cannot be repaired quickly, the center will also provide equivalent replacement solutions to ensure that the event continues to run smoothly. Therefore, events at Long Bien Palace are always guaranteed to be successful and perfect.