Many couples choose summer as the time to hold their wedding. Summer is also a great time to come up with ideas for modern yet striking decorations. Long Biên Palace suggests one of the hottest wedding decoration ideas for summer 2024 with a cool white and green color scheme.

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The cool white and green color scheme will be the decoration trend for this summer.


The hottest wedding decoration idea for summer 2024: Bright, eye-catching colors perfect for the summer days.

For weddings taking place in the summer, a cool white and green decoration scheme helps create a romantic and refreshing atmosphere, soothing the heat of the sweltering summer days. The pure white, reminiscent of fluffy clouds, combined with the fresh green of leaves, creates a natural and close-to-nature scene, providing a comfortable and peaceful feeling for the guests attending.

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The use of elegant, modern yet eye-catching colors is a major advantage of this concept.

Ý tưởng trang trí cưới hot nhất dịp hè 2024_1

The hottest wedding decoration idea for summer 2024: A modern style that’s right on trend.

With the refined combination of white and green, not only does it create a wonderful harmony but it also represents the most modern wedding decoration trend favored by many couples. The simple design with white and green exudes elegance, with meticulously crafted decorative details, from soft silk flowers to sparkling lights. All these elements create a warm and classy atmosphere, embodying the romance and sophistication of the special day.

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An outdoor party in the white and green color scheme also stands out remarkably.

The hottest wedding decoration idea for summer 2024: Cost-effective options with Long Biên Palace.

When choosing to host a wedding at Long Biên Palace, couples will receive a complimentary modern silk flower decoration package in a white and green color scheme. This not only helps save costs but also ensures that every detail is prepared in the most perfect and professional manner. This will surely satisfy couples looking for an option that fits their budget but still demands high-quality decor for their celebration.

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The Long Biên Palace Conference and Wedding Center, located within the Long Biên Golf Course, offers special programs for customers hosting weddings during the mid-year months. Customers booking weddings at Long Biên Palace during these months can receive discounts up to 100,000,000 VND (*) on a complete package of services including:

– Complimentary high-end decoration package
– Complimentary modern wedding ceremony package
– Complimentary up to 5 banquet tables
– Complimentary full-service staff for the event
– Complimentary drinks at the banquet tables
– Complimentary early guest tea break
– Free wedding photo shoot location on the golf course, and more.

With prices starting from just 485,000 VND per guest, you can have a luxurious and classy wedding at Long Biên Palace inside the Long Biên Golf Course.

You can be confident in using the services at Long Biên Palace. With 10 years of experience in the conference and wedding industry, Long Biên Palace is committed to providing the best experiences for its clients.

Visiting Long Biên Palace means entering a luxurious, spacious environment with a variety of banquet halls capable of accommodating up to 2000 guests. Additionally, the modern, free-of-charge sound and lighting system is a perfect plus. Moreover, customers often praise the unique and beautifully presented cuisine at Long Biên Palace, as well as the long-standing, dedicated, and attentive service team. Being located within a golf course also ensures tightened security for each event to protect the privacy of the clients.

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The balcony space at Long Biên Palace is ideal for hosting vow ceremonies or various games during a wedding. This area offers a scenic and open environment, perfect for intimate and interactive elements of a wedding celebration, enhancing the overall experience for both the couple and their guests.

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– Full-package weddings and events in a golf course setting
– Address: Khu Trung Đoàn 918, P. Phúc Đồng, Q. Long Biên, Hà Nội
– Hotline: 093 394 3553 | 024 3323 2888
– Fanpage: Long Biên Palace

Feel free to contact them directly via phone or visit their Facebook page for more details and to explore their offerings.