One of the important elements of a classy wedding party is the cuisine. In order for a luxurious wedding party to take place to its fullest, the cuisine must be attractive, delicious, and beautiful, and Long Bien Palace – with nearly 10 years of experience in providing F&B services – is confident in providing quality dishes to serve customers.

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Dishes are prepared by a team of professional chefs and are selected from fresh ingredients, ensuring food hygiene and safety. The skilled chefs of Long Bien Palace will process and create attractive and flavorful dishes.

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Long Bien Palace also focuses on food safety and hygiene. All materials are used and handled in the processing area, which is guaranteed to comply with hygiene inspection regulations. In addition, Long Bien Palace also provides tea-break service package, including cold drinks, hot drinks, cakes and fresh fruit, serving events – conferences with large and small scale. Long Bien Palace confidently brings to your party special, fresh and high-quality dishes. If you are looking for a company that organizes events and especially weddings, Long Bien Palace is a great choice.

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