One of the important issues when organizing a wedding party is choosing the right wedding hall. Choosing a good wedding hall not only ensures a luxurious space but also ensures the perfect party, creating memorable memories for the couple.

If you are wondering which wedding hall to choose, please refer to the wedding hall at Long Bien Palace – one of the most popular wedding center in Hanoi.

1/ Elegant architecture and design

Long Bien Palace wedding hall owns a luxurious design, making a strong impression with the sophistication and class in each design. The details are taken care of to create a solemn and polite space to mark the big day.

Ảnh 1

2/ Large capacity

Long Bien Palace owns a 3rd floor space with a hall area of ​​2,626m2, a capacity of up to 2,000 people that can be divided into many large halls, suitable for a variety of parties.

Ành 2.

3/ Modern equipment

The use of equipment that supports sound and light is one of the essential elements for a perfect wedding party. The wedding hall at Long Bien Palace uses a modern light and sound system, ensuring clear sound and modern 4-star standard lighting.

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4/ Prime location, unique golf course view

The wedding hall at Long Bien Palace is located in the heart of Hanoi, near the central areas, convenient for guests to move.

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With the motto of superior quality – thoughtful service, Long Bien Palace always commit to giving customers the best wedding experience. Come to Long Bien Palace to feel the difference.