Let’s take a look at the beautiful and completely free wedding decoration styles with Long Bien Palace!

1. Elegant

Elegant wedding decoration pattern is one of the popular wedding decoration styles today. This style revolves around the use of gentle, elegant colors and simplicity but no less luxurious.

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2. White snow dream

This will be the wedding decoration style that is loved by couples who prefer romance and sophistication. “Snow White Dream” is a popular wedding decoration theme used in winter and Christmas season. This style focuses on the use of white, blue and light tones to create a feeling of gentle snowfall.

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3. Tropical forest

Rainforest wedding decoration pattern is one of the wedding decoration styles suitable for summer wedding parties. This style often uses natural elements and bright colors, creating a vibrant, fresh and playful natural space.

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4. Sunset

Wedding decoration style themed “sunset” is one of the popular styles in wedding parties today because of its romance and warmth. This style focuses on using warm tones and colors of the sunset sky, creating a stunning and striking space.

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With this style, you will create a space full of meaning, full of art and a warm, friendly feeling. Your wedding space will become luxurious and brilliant.